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How to Order

How do I place an order?

Simply contact me through the Contact link at the top of this page or directly at pbennett(at) or (three one zero) 312-6640.

For print reference, all prints in a gallery will display their title under the photo.

How long does it take to print and ship and order?

Typically it will take about 5-7 days once an order has been processed and sent to the printer before it is ready to be either shipped or picked up. I make every effort to get out your order as expediently as possible, but I always want to take the utmost care to see that no quality is compromised in doing so. If you do need the prints in a hurry, please let me know in advance to discuss options.

Can I order a print not in your Print Gallery?

Photos not already offered as Limited Edition prints may or may not be available for purchase. Please contact me with the image’s reference number and I will let you know its availability.

Can I get a print size of my choice?

Limited Editions are available only at the sizes they are offered at, that information is listed on the Gallery page for that Edition.

What about framing?

All my metallic prints come with a black metal float frame that is flush with the perimeter of the print. Not only does this make them look very smart, but hanging them is a breeze and no additional framing or costs for framing are necessary. They are also surprisingly lightweight (but still very durable) and shipping is very easy.

Prints other than metallic are available for framing. Please contact me for options and prices.

How do I hang an aluminum print?

All Aluminum prints come with two methods for hanging. There is a standard wire and hook as well as a wall mount for more secure mounting.

Do watermarks appear on the prints?

No, my Citizen of the Planet watermark only appears on these web previews and is simply for their protection, they do not appear on the actual print.

Poster Gallery

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